Terms and Conditions of Sale

These Terms and Conditions of Sale define the relationship between:

The company NUMIXPERT SARL, a French company with a capital of 20,000 euros, whose head office is located at 3 rue Roland GARROS, 41000 BLOIS, operating the numismatic website--argent.eu, and named hereafter "the Company ", on the one hand


Each of the users of the website www.numismatique-or-argent.eu, or other customers of NUMIXPERT SARL, with a view to a commercial relationship, hereafter named "the Customer (s)", on the other hand .

These Terms and Conditions of Sale are applicable to all sales made by the company NUMIXPERT SARL with reference to its website:

- Via the said website: www.numismatique-or-argent.eu (hereinafter referred to as "the Website")

- By email: numixpert@gmail.com

- By telephone: +33 2 34 46 02 43

N° ADEME: FR329979_01BSEB


The Customer who places an order with NUMIXPERT SARL certifies the following information:

- Be at least 18 years old and have full legal capacity to conclude such an agreement

- acknowledges having read and accepted these Terms and Conditions of Sale and acknowledges their acceptance without reserve

These Terms and Conditions apply for the duration of the Customer's access to the Website, or for the duration of the exchanges by email or telephone with the Company, and for the duration of the order and actual delivery of products and services. .

The Client declares that he is aware that precious metals and numismatic activities are subject to French regulations (in particular relating to precious metals, taxes, customs transactions and electronic transactions).


The goods sold by the Company are coins, medals / tokens / rounds, collectibles and collectibles.

In order to place an order through the Website, the customer first creates an online account and completes the mandatory information.

In this respect, the Customer must provide:

An identifier, which refers to his email address or another term of his choice;

A password of his choice;

An address to which the mail or products purchased must be sent

The Company may also ask the Client for the following documents (this request may specifically prevent the Company from selling services of products or services, and to prevent the Company from purchasing products from this Client until the documents are provided. If the Client does not produce these documents within a reasonable time, the Company reserves the right to close the account):

A valid piece of identification;

Proof of residence of less than 3 months

The Customer wishing to proceed with the sale of Products to the Company, may request the Customer to provide an invoice or proof of ownership of said Products. It is expressly informed that the Company reserves the right to refuse the purchase if it can not provide proof of ownership.

Before validating the creation of his Account, the Customer must tick the box "I accept the Terms and Conditions of Sale". Before ticking this box, the Customer must first have read and accepted all clauses of these Terms.

The Customer must communicate a valid email address, in order to receive an email confirmation of the creation of the account.

The Customer undertakes not to choose any identifier that would infringe the rights of a third party.


The Customer accurately and faithfully completes the information requested during the ordering process.

The customer is obliged to the Company from the date of his order

In case of inconsistency, found by the Customer on the Website, between the title of the article, description, photo, or price, the Customer must contact the Company before the purchase to verify which item exactly this one corresponds, and so that the Company corrects the inconsistencies on the Website.

The Company reserves the right to cancel the order of any item subject to inconsistency on the Website between the various elements of description, photo or price.

Unless otherwise stated in the product description, all coins, medals, rounds, tokens issued after 1980 are sold on the Website are in MS (Mint State) conditions.

The photos corresponding to each article are given for illustrative purposes. The received item may differ from the item being photographed, but the quality of the item sent will be consistent with the product description.

The coins / rounds / tokens are sent at least in a plastic zip bag. Sometimes they are sent in a plastic capsule or in a presentation box. The photo of the article on the Website (especially when the article is photographed in a capsule) may not reflect the container in which the article will be sent. Note that some parts (including finish "Antique Finish") are sold in a presentation box, but these parts are not necessarily in a plastic capsule inside this presentation box.

In case of inconsistency between the description of the article and the photo, it is the description of the article that prevails during the purchase of the article.

In case of inconsistency between the title and the descriptions of the article, it is advisable to contact NUMIXPERT SARL before buying the product for clarification and potentially modification of the product sheet on the Website.


Once the order has been confirmed by the Customer, the Company sends him an email acknowledging receipt of his order.

The Company then has a period of 3 working days to inform the customer that all or part of the order can not be honored for lack of available stock. Beyond this period, the Company will compensate the Client up to 1 euro per item unavailable (for items whose price exceeds 10 euros), or 10 euro cents per item (for items whose price is less than 10 euros), with a cumulative maximum amount of 10 euros.

In the event of partial or total cancellation of the order, the Company shall reimburse the Customer within a reasonable period of time for the amount of the items for which the sale has been canceled, as well as for the possible decrease of the delivery price generated by this partial or total cancellation. .

The Company reserves the right to cancel any order with a customer if the cumulative amount of its orders not yet delivered exceeds 3000 euros (maximum size of orders in progress per customer).

The Company binds itself to the Customer from the date of its acceptance of the order placed, but disclaims any liability in case of non-performance of the contract related to a cause of force majeure (strike, flood, fire ... etc. ).

In any case, the Company undertakes to reimburse the customer in full and within a reasonable time if a paid order could not be honored.


In case of non-compliance with the payment terms, the Company reserves the right to cancel the customer's order.

A Customer ordering more than 5000 euros of articles on a calendar year from the Company (on the Website or off the Site) must provide a copy of his card. Failing this, orders exceeding this amount will no longer be honored during the current calendar year.

Payment in cash is prohibited by French law.

Four payment methods are accepted:

- Bank card :

This payment method is accepted up to 5000 euros of purchase

If this method of payment is used, the payment is made upon completion of the order on the Site.

- Bank check :

This payment method is accepted up to 5000 € of purchase. Bank checks are made payable to NUMIXPERT SARL and sent to the address of the company's registered office (3 rue Roland GARROS, 41000 BLOIS)

The customer must note, on the back of the check, the number of the order, his name and surname (if different from the name on the front of the check by the bank).

The bank check must be sent within two business days following the order, the date of the stamp of La Poste being authentic.

If this deadline can not be met, the customer agrees to contact the Company by email or by telephone within 24 hours after the expiry of this first period for a mutual agreement on another deadline. Otherwise, the Company reserves the right to cancel the order.

The ordered items are sent only after receipt of the corresponding check, being specified that the collection period is 7 working days from receipt (this period may be extended in case of temporary leave of the Company, which must be duly served to the Customer when ordering, or in case of force majeure).

- Bank transfer:

This payment method is accepted until 5000 euros of purchase.

The customer must specify on his transfer the number of his order.

The bank transfer must be made within a maximum of 2 working days after the sending of the order acceptance email by the Company.

If this deadline can not be met, the customer agrees to contact the Company by email or telephone within 24 hours of the expiry of the first deadline.

The items ordered are sent only after receipt of the corresponding transfer to the account of the Company.

The bank details of NUMIXPERT SARL are:




BP 20189

41000 BLOIS

IBAN (International Bank Account Number):

FR76 3004 7146 0100 0211 8080 187

- Paypal:

The Customer can make a payment via paypal up to 5000 euros of purchase, for an additional fee equal to 3% of the amount of the order.

If this method of payment is used, the payment is made upon completion of the order on the Site.


The prices of certain items sold on the Website (those of the category "Bullion") are likely to vary greatly depending on the price of silver, gold and platinum.

The prices for these items in the "Bullion" category are updated regularly, but it may happen that these prices are no longer prices in line with their real value in the event of a significant rise in the price of gold. silver or platinum.

In the event of a clear discrepancy between the sale price on the Website and the true value of the product, the Company reserves the right to cancel all or part of the order in progress, within 3 working days after the customer order


NUMIXPERT SARL ships its products in all the countries of the European Union only, and does not ship to DOM / TOM.

If the address indicated by the customer on the Website or by mail / mail to the Company is not accessible by this customer, the customer will have to pay the shipping costs for the return of the package.

The shipping costs, which correspond to the costs of delivery, are entirely the responsibility of the customer and include the preparation of the order, the packaging costs of the products and a possible insurance in proportion to the value of the contents of the package, for the following rates:


- For a parcel whose value is between 0 € and 149.99 €: 5.95 €

- For a parcel whose value is between 150 € and 299.99 €: 9.95 €

- For a parcel whose value is between 300 € and 999.99 €: 13.95 €

- For a parcel whose value is between 1000 € and 1000 €: 19.95 €


- For a parcel whose value is between 0 € and 149.99 €: 9.95 €

- For a parcel whose value is between 150 € and 249.99 €: 14.95 €

- For a parcel whose value is between 250 € and 999.99 €: 19.95 €

- For a parcel whose value is between 1000 € and 5000 €: 24.95 €

The Company does not accept any Customer purchases with a value of more than 5000 euros.

The carrier's choice and type of shipment is at the sole discretion of the Company.

Once the package is entrusted to the carrier, the customer receives a confirmation e-mail of the shipment, indicating a tracking number of the carrier's routing.

NUMIXPERT SARL delivers the goods within a maximum legal period of 30 days from the acceptance of the order placed by the customer.

In case of late delivery in excess of this period, the customer may enjoin the Company by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to execute the contract within a reasonable time, then request its resolution by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt in case of failure, except execution in the meantime.

In the event of a contractual resolution, the Company shall reimburse the customer for the sums paid, including the delivery costs, at the latest within fourteen days of receipt of the termination of the contract.

In case of legitimate refusal of the parcel by the customer due to damage during the transport, with apposition of the appropriate reserves (traces of opening, etc ...), the value of the goods as well as the shipping costs will be reimbursed by the Company.

In case of loss of the parcel by the carrier, the value of the goods as well as the shipping costs will be reimbursed by the Company to the Customer.

The risk of damage or loss of the goods is transferred to the customer as soon as he is taken into physical possession by himself or a third party designated by him, or, in the case of shipment by carrier, at the time of signing the delivery note.


NUMIXPERT SARL does not pre-sell any articles. All items sold by NUMIXPERT SARL are photographed by the Company on the basis of articles that it has actually held or boarded.


The Company guarantees the quality and authenticity of all items sold on its Website, the essential characteristics of which are set forth, and which comply with French legislation in force.

Except defective or non-compliant product, and outside the exercise of the right of retraction when it is open, returns of goods against refund are not accepted.

The customer who finds a defect or a non-conformity of the delivered goods carries complaint without delay, by mail or mail, with NUMIXPERT SARL, which will accept if necessary a return.

Returns are accepted only within 14 days of receipt of the goods by the customer. The customer who returns the goods proceeds through a carrier and a type of transportation service duly approved by the Company. The Company will then reimburse the customer for the sums paid, including delivery costs, no later than fourteen days after the goods are recovered.


The customer has a statutory period of fourteen days to exercise his right of withdrawal from receipt by his care or third party designated by him of all or part of the goods he has received (except for the category "Bullion" of the Website, since the price of these products is closely related to precious metal prices that fluctuate significantly over time, the customer can not retract after the purchase of products in this category).

The 14-day period starts at the beginning of the first hour of the first day after the receipt of the goods, and ends at the end of the last hour of the last day of the period. If this period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday or holiday, it is extended until the next business day.

The customer exercises his right of withdrawal by informing the Company of his decision to retract by sending, before the expiry of the withdrawal period, any form of declaration, unambiguous, expressing his wish to retract.

The customer returns or returns the goods to the address of the Company no later than fourteen days after the communication of his decision to retract, and bears the direct costs of returning the goods under conditions equivalent to those of receipt.

The Carrier used as well as the type of transport service used must be approved by the Company prior to returning the customer.

The responsibility of the customer can be engaged in case of depreciation of the goods resulting from manipulations other than those necessary to establish its nature, its characteristics and its good functioning.

In the event of withdrawal of the customer, the Company reimburses the customer for the sums paid, including the delivery costs (in proportion to the value of the goods returned), at the latest within fourteen days from the recovery of the goods. or the provision by the customer of proof of the shipment of the goods, the date chosen being that of the first of these facts.

The customer expressly agrees that in this case, the Company may reimburse it by another means of payment than the one used for the initial transaction, if this does not cause him a fee.


In case of sale by the Customer to the Company of precious metals, the customer has a right of withdrawal of 2 working days.

At the time of signing the sales contract, the Company delivers a contract for the sale of precious metals to the Customer in which a detachable form allows the Customer to inform the Company of its withdrawal.

The sale by the customer is considered effective only after this period of withdrawal. If the Customer remits the precious metals to the Company before the end of this withdrawal period, these precious metals are considered "entrusted" by the customer, and not "sold".

The Customer may only return the precious metals to the Company after the retraction period, provided that the items are identical and in the same quality of preservation as the articles previously submitted to the Company (either physically or via photos). day of the signing of the contract.

The redemption price for precious metal items is as follows:

  • Redemption price communicated by the Company on items presented by the customer (including the discount)

  • Decreased by 1 euro per item which is not presented in a sealed "numismatic-gold-silver" or "NUMIXPERT SARL", for the expertise costs occasioned by the sale by the customer to the Company

  • Decrease of any taxes collected by the Company for tax administrations

The Company agrees to purchase precious metals from the Client only for a cash surrender value greater than 100 euros and less than 3000 euros. If the redemption amount is not within this range, the Company reserves the right to refuse the redemption.

Unless waived, the Company agrees to purchase precious metals from its customers up to a maximum of 6000 euros of redemption price per calendar year and per customer.

The Company hereinafter indicates an indication of the discount price of the redemption of an item in relation to the price on the Website (if the same product exists on the Website), knowing that the official redemption price will be the one communicated by the Company to the Client at the time of the redemption.

  • Gold item from the category "Bullion": 5-7%

  • Gold item that is not in the category "Bullion", which is not graded / certified and is not PROOF quality / Nice Proof: 7-10%

  • Item Gold Gold Proof / PROOF, or which is graded / certified: 10-15%

  • Gold item whose redemption price exceeds 180% of the gold price contained in the article, or gold item prior to 1800: 15-20%

  • Silver item in the category "Bullion": 7-10%

  • Silver item not in category "Bullion": 10-15%

  • Silver item whose redemption price exceeds 200% of the price of silver in the article: 15-20%

  • Silver item whose redemption price exceeds 300% of the price of silver contained in the article: 20-25%



These Terms and Conditions of sale may be modified by the company NUMIXPERT SARL, at any time and without notice.

The customer is therefore invited to regularly consult their latest updated version, accessible to all and permanently on the homepage of the Website, by clicking on the link "Terms and Conditions of Sale".




The Customer is informed that he is liable in connection with his purchase of precious metals to local taxes applied (or that may be applied later), by all administrations or legal entities in accordance with the regulations of the territory of departure or destination of Products sold by the Company relating to the acquisition of precious metals or any other related expenses that the Customer will have to insure alone the direct or indirect payment.

The Company may collect these taxes on behalf of the French tax authorities or any other legally authorized authority, so they may be added, if necessary, to the payment of the Total Price paid by the Customer, it being specified that no management fees will not be charged to the surplus for the collection of these taxes.



The Company is currently under the VAT-based franchise, which means that it does not charge VAT to the Customer, regardless of the item or service involved, and regardless of the type of Customer.




With regard to the sale of precious metals within the European Union, the person liable for the precious metals tax is the seller selling precious metals.

For all practical purposes, it is specified that a choice is offered to the seller of precious metals:

he may either opt for the payment of the flat-rate precious metals tax as specified above,

or opt for the tax regime for capital gains on movable property, as long as it justifies the purchase price of the property. This last option makes it possible to obtain a possible exemption according to the duration of conservation of the good.

In the case of the choice of the Precious Metals Tax, it is up to the Customer to complete the CERFA 2091 and to pay this tax to the tax administration

In the case of the choice of the option for the capital gains tax system, NUMIXPERT SARL will fill CERFA 2092 for the tax administration and will pay the capital gains tax. to the French tax authorities (after having first recovered the Client when the precious metals are sold by him to NUMIXPERT SARL)




"Numismatics-gold-silver" is a registered trademark at the INPI

The Company is the owner of all the copyrights on the content of its Website as well as on its trademarks, logos, domain names, photographs, text, and all related distinctive signs.

The Company holds on these elements, all intellectual property rights and commercial exploitation rights.

In application of the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property and International Treaties, any reproduction, extraction, distribution, disclosure, representation, translation, distribution, adaptation, modification and transcription, in whole or in part, whatever the medium considered and whatever the process used for a use other than the private one is prohibited without the prior and express authorization of the Company.

Any violation of this article is constitutive of the offense of counterfeiting and engages in this respect both the civil and criminal liability of its author.


P / User Rights

In accordance with the law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, the files and the liberties, modified by the law 2004-801 of August 6, 2004 and the European regulation 2016/679 relating to the protection of the natural persons With regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, the Customer has:

  • a right of access to his data;

  • a right to rectify his data;

  • a right to erase his data;

  • a right to object to the use of his data;

  • a right to limit his data;

  • a right of portability of its data.

The user wishing to assert one of his rights can send his request by email or by mail to the Company, specifying his name, first name, e-mail address and postal address, and enclosing a copy of his identity card:

by post to the address of its head office (3 rue Roland GARROS 41000 BLOIS)

by e-mail to numixpert@gmail.com

The Company then undertakes to respond within a maximum of one (1) month following the receipt of the complete application of the user, reportable once by the Company by sending an explanatory letter concerning the reason for the postponement (registered letter) before the end of the first month (hidden from the post office).

The Company's response to the Customer's request regarding its user rights may be negative, with a written explanation of the reasons for the refusal.




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